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I recently did a day trip out to Wagga Wagga to seek out a field of sunflowers. Driving out from Canberra, it was a 3 hour drive in glorious conditions.

My wife and I drove out past Wagga and started searching as we didn't know exactly where it was. It took us about 45 minutes of driving up and down dirt roads, but eventually we stumbled upon the field.

This is one of the many shots that I grabbed and what I love about this image is the contrast of the yellows and blues, with the contrast of the white fluffy clouds. I feel this works really well as a tall panorama.

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My name is Simon and Photography for me is capturing the beauty of the landscape around me and reminding people just how precious this world is. I also love showing the passion musicians have for their craft while on stage. Music photography is an area I'd love to be more involved in.

I’ve recently started printing my own images at home up to size A2, on Canson paper. Any sizes above A2 will need to be quoted for. Use the Message Us button below to make an enquiry! 

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