Getting out and shooting local during COVID-19

Getting out and shooting local during COVID-19

June 01, 2020

COVID-19 has played havoc with all of us. Our lives have been disrupted in ways none of us could have imagined.

As we begin to emerge from the lock-downs and isolation protocols, I thought I would look at how I stayed creative and motivated with my photography while not being able to get in the car and go exploring...

My wife and I started walking every morning to make sure we a) got out of the house, and b) got in some daily exercise. This meant getting out of bed nice and early and out the back gate.

We're fortunate enough to live in an area where we have access to an excellent walking trail which wanders through a bayside wetland and beach. We have been witness to some fairly spectacular sunrises, like the one below.

Horses being exercised on Altona Dog Beach with the Melbourne CBD skyline in the distance

The extra bonus is we can walk past our favourite coffee shop and pick up a brew and loaf of sourdough on the way home. Of course, maintaining that social distancing was essential while walking and ordering coffee, but everyone was playing their part, so it wasn’t an issue.

Bezirk Cafe Bezirk Cafe sign with moon in sky


One of the key realisations, or confirmations really, was that there are very good reasons to keep going back to places you have shot before. You will always find a new way to capture the beauty of that place, or the weather will provide a unique pallete of colours and textures. Take my recent images of a jetty in Altona as an example. These images were taken over a single week on consecutive days...



As you can see, each one is completely different. This was something that helped me stay creative as well as staying motivated to exercise. The thought each morning has been; "I wonder how the jetty will be this morning?"

The moral of the story is? Get out there every never know what you'll find!

All images (except for the coffee shop) are available in my online store. Just click on the image to go to its product page.

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